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Customized Courses

The Hoffman Group works with you to select the most relevant cases to illustrate the critical issues facing your organization. We analyze what happened and why, how that outcome might have been prevented, and how it is relevant to your organization.

Digital Training

Partnered with The Tactical Network, LLC, The Hoffman Group provides multimedia, trackable and testable distance learning courses for counterterrorism professionals and scholars. Digital materials also enhance in-person training courses.

Expert Consultation

The Hoffman Group faculty are among the most senior and respected counterterrorism experts in the world and have extensive experience serving in elite, international counterterrorist agencies. Contact us today to request custom consulting services.

Enroll in Dr. Hoffman's First Online Course: The Most Dangerous Terrorist Threats

In this online, digital course Dr. Bruce Hoffman provides an overview of the terrorist groups and ideologies that present the most serious threat to international peace and stability. The course includes an interactive suite of video lectures from Dr. Hoffman, slide presentations, readings, audio podcasts, activities and quizzes. 

Dr. Hoffman continually updates existing course materials and adds new modules to reflect the most current information on terrorist threats and rising terrorist organizations. Therefore, if you enroll in this course you will have total access to an evolving repository of analysis on the latest trends in international terrorism. Current course modules cover ISIS, al-Qaeda, violent far-right movements, violent far-left movements and the “Incel” threat.

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