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  • Visualizing 2020: Trends to Watch


    Article by Edward Alden, Paul J. Angelo, Michelle Gavin, Bruce Hoffman, Amy M. Jaffe, Adam Segal, and Sheila A. Smith Originally Published by Council on Foreign Relations – December 12, 2019 In 2019, a number of significant patterns emerged or continued across the world. The editors asked seven CFR scholars to share the charts, graphs, and maps that offer a window into the […]

  • Indonesia Votes – Why We Should Pay More Attention


    While the elections in India and Israel have grabbed recent headlines in the West, the upcoming vote in Indonesia—a country with vast natural resources, critical geo-political importance, and the fourth largest population in the world (including the largest number of Muslims)—has gone almost unnoticed. This is less a snub, perhaps, than an indication of how far […]