The Hoffman Group offers world-class courses focusing on a variety of subjects including terrorist threats, counterterrorism, intelligence collection, intelligence analysis and law enforcement, as well as critical leadership and managerial skills. Course offerings integrate live instruction and digital/distance learning technologies to provide flexible and cost-effective solutions for government, military, law-enforcement and private security clients around the world.

The Most Dangerous Terrorist Threats (Online Digital Course)

In this online, digital course Dr. Bruce Hoffman provides an overview of the terrorist groups and ideologies that present the most serious threat to international peace and stability. The course includes an interactive suite of video lectures from Dr. Hoffman, slide presentations, readings, audio podcasts, activities and quizzes. Course modules include analysis of ISIS, al-Qaeda, violent far-right movements, violent far-left movements and the “Incel” threat.

Dr. Hoffman continually updates existing course materials and adds new modules to reflect the most current information on terrorist threats and rising terrorist organizations. Therefore, if you enroll in this course you will have total access to an evolving, living repository of data and analysis on the evolving landscape of international terrorism.

This course is hosted on The Tactical Network, a new online digital learning site for law enforcement, military, academics and security professionals. Click below to view the course on The Tactical Network and enroll today.

Executive Education and Training for Effectively Countering Terrorist Threats

This unique executive education program focuses on the leadership challenges of effectively responding to the array of contemporary challenges to national security and corporate entities, creating a culture of security in an organization to counter these threats.

This course program provides a customized two to three-day workshop applicable to both government (federal, state/provincial, local) and industry. The core of the program is two days with several optional “deep-dives” into aspects of threat/security/risk mitigation that might be of specific critical interest to the needs, interests, operational requirements of various audiences. Selection of optional modules increases the length of the two-day core workshop and each will be tailored to reflect the sponsor’s priorities and focus.

The four components of the program will include presentations and case discussions that are (1) strategic – an in depth analysis of current terrorist threats and their implications and consequences for national, international, and corporate security; (2) leadership and organization – highlighting the importance of mission, culture, and structure; (3) tactical – practical intelligence collection and analysis and counterterrorism means and methods, agent recruitment and handling, surveillance and counter-surveillance, physical security, and cyber security risk mitigation; (4) proactive, practical, and preventive – getting ahead of the threat. Each of these components would be delivered in one or two 90-minute presentations. The last module(s) would entail an exercise involving all the attendees in the application and planning for specific scenarios, contingencies and actions based on the material presented throughout the course.

The optional modules tailored for deeper-dives on specific topics can include tailored threat assessment, “business” intelligence, physical security, cyber security, insider threat, prevention planning (pre-mortems tailored to the specific organization), post-attack planning, counter- intelligence, and counter-terrorism.